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Jednostka Ratownictwa Chemicznego sp. z o.o. is a service and production company involved in a broad range of activities, including specialised rescue services, the performance  of highly hazardous work, the mechanical, biological and chemical treatment of industrial wastewater, and the utilisation and storage of waste, including hazardous waste. The company possesses and utilises approximately 200 ha of waste landfills for the needs of the above services.
JRCh operates specialised laboratories, three of which have PCA accreditation. They conduct research on harmful factors in work stations and the immission of substances into the atmosphere, test food and foodstuffs, provide microbiological assays and examine water, wastewater and waste. JRCh manages training events in vocational, specialised and additional instruction areas, and produces goods made from PTFE and PA, PE and POM regranulates.