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Grupa Azoty Integrated Annual Report 2015
Grupa Azoty Integrated Annual Report 2015
The Grupa Azoty Group has published its 2015 integrated report, prepared in conformity with the best market standards.

We are pleased to present to you the Grupa Azoty Group Integrated Annual Report for 2015. For the third time, we go beyond the financials and share information about what we do, what is important to us, what we feel responsible for, and how we impact our external environment. We introduce our staff and partners and present the values that underpin our business. You can take a glance at our plants and production processes.

Our Integrated Report is special as it presents all key developments at the Grupa Azoty Group in 2015 while accounting for all material ways in which the Group affects its environment. 

The most notable achievements of 2015 included our record-strong performance and the implementation of a bold investment plan. We are a young group of companies striving for sustainable growth. The greatest challenge of the past year was raising financing for all planned investment projects.

We manage sustainable development through an integrated approach to efforts taken in the areas of economic efficiency and our responsibility towards staff and the natural environment, as well as through catering to the real needs of our external environment. The objective behind these efforts is to create value for all stakeholders.

Our 2015 Integrated Report covers the Group’s four leading companies: Grupa Azoty S.A., Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, Grupa Azoty POLICE, and Grupa Azoty KĘDZIERZYN. As they generate a substantial majority of the Grupa Azoty Group revenue, the report includes an in-depth analysis of their operations. For the sake of due diligence, the report was reviewed by independent auditors, who verified and confirmed its financial, social, environmental and economic data.